Strong Winds For Scotland This Week

This week is going to be a struggle for a lot of people. We’ve been off for a few weeks (Happy New Year, by the way, all the very best for 2020), and coming back after the festivities is usually a bit of a struggle. However, there are weather warnings in place for Scotland this week, and that is going to make getting out of bed even tougher!

Look out for wind across Scotland this week!

The worst of the weather affects Fife and Edinburgh, and there is going to be a lot of strong winds over the week. This isn’t the aftermath of the Brussel sprouts you enjoyed on Christmas Day; it’s part of a week of bad weather that may see you sheltering inside for much of the week.

There is set to be heavy rainfall and winds of more than 40mph in Glasgow on Monday. On Tuesday, the gusts are set to go beyond 50mph! The winds will tail off on Wednesday, but the weather will remain damp. You have to wait until Thursday afternoon for a dry period, and the wind will calm down.

Wrap up warm

However, you should make the most of this calmness because as the weekend rolls around, the wind and rain will return. It isn’t going to be a warm week, with the highs reaching 13 degrees while we see a low of around 2 degrees overnight on Thursday.

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So…it is hardly a welcoming return to work in 2020, but life at home may not be great either with these weather conditions. When the wind batters your home, if your windows aren’t up to scratch, you may feel miserable inside. Gaps or cracks ensure you bear the brunt of wintry weather conditions, and this leads to higher heating bills. It may also affect the quality of your home and even your health.

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