Edinburgh Window Repair

Window repair work might seem like a job that you can do on your own, but in some cases, it’s best to leave it to the professionals. If you live in Edinburgh and need window repair services, look no further than our team of experts. We offer a variety of window repair services in Edinburgh, from repairing cracked windows to fixing broken panes, so we are sure to have something to meet your needs. Plus, our team is experienced and qualified, so you can ensure that our team will do the work correctly.

We offer a free quote with no obligation, so if you would like to arrange an appointment time where we will assess the damage, please call us on 0131 224 0095.

Sash window repairs in Edinburgh

Edinburgh is a city that thrives on history, drawing thousands of people in each day to marvel at the majestic setting and stories, but the story of sash and case windows in the city is long and exciting.

Sash and case windows date back to the 17th century in Scotland, and as you can imagine, they were highly innovative. These windows looked fantastic, but there was a practical reason for their growing use.

We offer detailed guidance for repair of Edinburgh sash and case windows

We are more than happy to offer guidance to repair Edinburgh sash and case windows. If all you want is an expert to come in and do the work, we can provide this service.

However, we know many clients want more information about our work and why it needs to be done. This is understandable. You care about your home, and you want to make an informed decision in caring for it.

Our customers care about maintaining their excellent windows and so do we

The use of high-quality glass wasn’t standard, and it was expensive. Dividing windows into smaller pane sections limited the amount of glass required.

We understand why homeowners place so much pride in their sash and case windows, and we also know the practical reasons for maintaining your windows. So do you, and if you are interested in our sash window repair services in Edinburgh, you likely have an issue you want resolving.

A proactive or reactive service

Whether you are reactive or proactive in dealing with sash and case window problems, we can help. Our Edinburgh window care and repair team is highly experienced with sash windows.

We offer double glazing repairs in Edinburgh

You don’t need us to tell you the benefits of double glazing. We appreciate why so many people invest in double glazed windows, and we know why double glazing repairs matter so much.

We are repair specialists with double glazed windows, and double glazed units. We have many years of experience dealing with double glazed units, and we’ve seen the common issues which arise.

Broken windows can be fixed

We will always try to repair windows and doors, only opting for a replacement as a last resort. Too many companies rush to replace windows, when this isn’t the best solution for customers. The cost of replacing double glazing windows and doors is often higher than the price of repairing a broken or damaged window.

Contact us for a complete service

There is also no guarantee that a new installation or replaced window is more effective than a repaired one. We will do what we can to fix your windows and doors, and we have done for many years.

Need advice about sash and case or double glazed windows?

When you call us, we are more than happy to discuss the general approach to managing sash and case window problems or resolving issues with double glazing.

Once we review your property and windows and don’t charge a call-out fee, we will be happy to explain the work we will do to repair your sash and case windows.

We work as efficiently today as we have for decades 

We have a skilled and experienced team, and at the top of the company, we can call on more than 30 years of expertise in repairing Edinburgh windows. Don Devenny has seen and done it all in the window repair sector, and we bring this knowledge and know-how to every job.

It costs no money to get us to your home address

We aim to offer the most extensive window repair services in the Scottish capital, so if you would like to arrange a free quote, please get in touch with us today.

Some of the areas we specialise in include:

  • Joinery window repair services
  • Misted window repair and replacement work
  • Mastic window repair
  • Sandstone window sill repair
  • Seal repair 
  • Tilt and turn window repairs
  • UPVC window repairs
  • Velux window repair 
  • Wooden window repairs
  • Specialist locks and hinges repair and improvements
  • Sliding mechanism problems
  • Stiff or stuck handles

Safety as standard for our team

A good window repair company has many skills and strengths, and our Edinburgh team is no different. We have experienced joiners who have a tremendous track record in repairing and upgrading window frames and sills. If you want the confidence in hiring the best joiners for Edinburgh window repairs, we will be more than happy to assist you.

Stained glass window repairs in Edinburgh

Alongside sash and case windows, Edinburgh benefits from an era of stained-glass window production and placement. These windows might be less common than before, but they look fantastic.

We offer a prompt service for all window types

If you have stained glass windows at home or as part of your business or organisation, you want to retain their quality and lustre.

We can help you manage these windows, and we will do everything we can to ensure they continue to bring joy to you, your home and others who view them!

Edinburgh window lock and handle repairs

When you think of windows, most people think of panes of glass, but windows are made of many different components. All it takes is one aspect of the window to no longer work, and you have a problem.

So, in addition to offering frame and glass repair services in Edinburgh, we offer window handle repair services, window hinge repair services, lock repair, and window mechanism repair in and around Edinburgh.

You don’t always need replacement locks, hinges and door handles

We offer specialist lock and handle repair services in Edinburgh, aimed at helping you open and close windows with ease.

Excellent service helps you love your home

Your house can be warm and stuffy if you cannot open your window because of a jam or a stuck hinge. If you cannot close a window because locks are broken or hinges and handles are stuck, your home can be cold and damp.

We offer reliable customer service

We commonly deal with misted windows, broken door locks and we only replace issues if they cannot be repaired. We resolve 99% of problems on our first visit, so this is a timely service.

Patio doors can be repaired

Many so-called specialists insist broken or cracked patio doors need replacing, that replacing them is the best solution for your home. We don’t necessarily agree with this solution.

Repaired before replaced if we can help it

We view each issue on its own merits, and in many cases, it is better to fix the problem than replace it. This is true for cost, and for the overall benefit. Patio doors can be efficiently upgraded, improving the value of your home at the same time. We are patio door specialists, 

Our local Edinburgh customer base approves our work

We know the importance of a local presence, and supporting local households. We offer efficient repair and installation work throughout Central Scotland, serving Edinburgh with pride. If you need a low-cost but highly efficient local team to improve your home, we can help.

Contact us to arrange an appointment and service

For the best standard of double glazing repair and window repair services in Edinburgh, and throughout Central Scotland, with no call-out fee, a free quote and a competitive price, contact Local Window Care and Repair on 0131 224 0095.