Letting Agents

At Local Window Care and Repair, we are happy to care and repair all windows. We usually provide services for homeowners, but we are pleased to provide services for letting agents too. In fact, we have already helped some Glasgow letting agents care for their properties and ensure their tenants receive the best standard of service.

As a letting agent, you know that if the property is in good condition, the more likely it will be that your tenant is happy. Happy tenants equal a well-run business, which means that maintaining the condition of your windows is essential.

Happy Letting Agents

By hiring us to provide you with window care support, you will receive:

  • Affordable window care services ensuring you remain within your budget
  • Reliable from a local company who can be with you when you need us, minimising disruption and frustration
  • Dependable support from a team that has received glowing reviews and testimonials from a wide range of clients

When you call on Local Window Care and Repair, you get to focus on your core tasks while remaining confident that key repair and maintenance work is being taken care of. We offer an extensive range of repair and maintenance services all across the central belt of Scotland, so we are ready to help you as and when you need it.

We don’t push replacements or upgrades on you. If we can fix the problem, and we have a track record of repairing 99% of issues we attend to, we will. We don’t believe in compromising on quality but our team can repair to an extremely high standard, leaving your windows looking like new and ensuring your tenants are extremely satisfied with what you offer to them.

We believe that our services can help your business so if you want assistance in looking after your property, tenants and business, contact the leading local window care and repair company in central Scotland.