Velux Window Repairs

Velux windows are popular roof windows that provide natural light and ventilation to homes. They are known for their high-quality materials, easy installation, and long lifespan. However, like any other windows, Velux windows may encounter problems that require repair or replacement. In this article, we will discuss the benefits of Velux windows, common problems, repair options, and maintenance tips.

Benefits of Velux Windows

Velux windows have numerous benefits that make them an attractive choice for homeowners. Here are some of the advantages of Velux windows:

Natural Light: Velux windows allow natural light to enter the room, creating a bright and airy atmosphere.

Ventilation: Velux roof windows provide excellent ventilation, allowing fresh air to circulate in the room.

Energy Efficiency: Velux windows are designed to be energy-efficient, keeping the heat inside during winter and blocking the heat during summer.

Easy Installation: Velux windows can be installed quickly and easily, making them an ideal option for both new and existing homes.

Long Lifespan: Velux roof windows are made from high-quality materials and can last for many years, providing excellent value for money.

Common Problems of Velux Windows

Although Velux windows are designed to last a long time, they can encounter problems that require repair or replacement. Here are some of the common problems that Velux windows may encounter:

Leaking: Water may enter the room through the window due to a damaged or worn-out seal.

Condensation: Condensation can occur when warm, moist air meets a cold surface, such as a window.

Stuck or Difficult to Open: Velux roof windows may become stuck or difficult to open due to dirt or debris build-up or a faulty locking mechanism.

Damage to the Frame: The frame may become damaged due to exposure to the elements or accidental impact.

Whether your Velux windows are stuck open, they’re stiff to close or the handle is broken on your skylight window, we can help. These problems are all in a day’s work for Local Window Care & Repair, and we have a strong track record in repairing these issues in no time at all.

Can Velux Windows be Repaired?

The good news is that most Velux window problems can be repaired rather than replaced. However, it is essential to address the issue promptly to prevent further damage. Some common repairs for Velux windows include:

Replacing the seal: If the skylight window is leaking, the seal may need to be replaced.

Replacing the glass: If the glass is cracked or damaged, it may need to be replaced.

Cleaning and lubricating the mechanism: If the window is difficult to open, cleaning and lubricating the mechanism may solve the problem.

Repairing the frame: If the frame is damaged, it may be possible to repair it rather than replacing the entire window.

We carry out affordable and effective Velux window repair

At Local Window Care & Repair, we always aim to repair a window before we offer a window replacement or undertake a new window installation. This is same for Velux windows; we always aim to repair your window before we fit a Velux replacement.

Can Velux Skylights be Repaired?

Yes, Velux skylights can be repaired. The repair process for skylights is similar to that of Velux windows. If the skylight is leaking, the seal may need to be replaced. If the glass is cracked or damaged, it may need to be replaced to ensure your roof window is in good working order. If the mechanism is stuck, cleaning and lubricating the mechanism may solve the problem.

What is the Lifespan of a Velux Window?

Velux windows are designed to last for many years. The lifespan of a Velux window depends on factors such as installation, maintenance, and exposure to the elements. With proper installation and maintenance, a skylight window can last for up to 20 years.

Who Can Replace a Velux Window?

This is possible, especially when a skilled repair team is on hand. It is essential to choose a qualified and experienced installer to ensure that the repair work or replacement is done correctly.

Why Would My Velux Be Leaking?

There are several reasons why a Velux window may be leaking. The most common cause of a leaking Velux window is a damaged or worn-out seal. Other causes of a leaking Velux window include improper installation, damaged flashing, or clogged gutters. It is essential to address the issue promptly to prevent further damage to the window and the surrounding structure.

Are Velux Windows Prone to Leaking?

Velux windows are designed to be water-resistant and are not prone to leaking. However, if the roof window is not installed correctly or if the seal becomes damaged or worn-out, water can enter the room. It is crucial to have a professional installer handle the installation to ensure that the window is installed correctly and to prevent leaks.

Why Won’t My Velux Window Close?

If your Velux roof window won’t close, there may be several reasons for this issue. The most common reason is a faulty locking mechanism or dirt and debris build-up. If the locking mechanism is faulty, it may need to be repaired or replaced. Cleaning the mechanism can help to remove any dirt or debris that may be preventing the window from closing.

Can Velux Windows be Resealed?

Yes, Velux windows can be resealed. If the roof window is leaking, the seal may need to be replaced. A professional installer can replace the seal and ensure that the window is properly sealed to prevent further leaks.

How Do I Find the Model of My Velux Window?

To find the model of your Velux window, you can look for the data plate on the window. The data plate contains information about the window, including the model number. The data plate is usually located on the top or side of the window frame.

Can you get replacement glass for Velux windows?

Yes, replacement glass for Velux windows is available. Velux offers replacement glass for all of their window models, including both fixed and opening windows. You can order Velux window replacement glass directly from us. When ordering replacement glass, make sure to provide the correct model and size of your window to ensure your roof window fits perfectly.

What does GGL mean on Velux roof windows?

GGL is a type of window code used by Velux to identify specific models of their windows. It stands for “Centre Pivot Roof Window with Laminated Glazing.” This type of window features a central pivot mechanism that allows the window to be opened and closed, and the glazing is laminated for added safety and security.

What is the difference between VELUX GGL and GPL?

The main difference between VELUX GGL and GPL windows is the type of glazing used. GGL windows feature laminated glazing, while GPL windows feature toughened glazing. Laminated glazing is designed to hold together if broken, while toughened glazing is designed to break into small, less dangerous pieces if shattered. Both types of glazing provide added safety and security.

Should VELUX windows be serviced?

Yes, VELUX windows should be serviced periodically to ensure proper function and to extend their lifespan. Regular maintenance can help prevent issues such as water leaks and can also ensure that the window operates smoothly. VELUX recommends cleaning the window frame and glass periodically and inspecting the weather seal to ensure it is intact.

Additionally, the window should be lubricated periodically to ensure smooth operation of the hardware. If you notice any issues with your VELUX roof window, such as difficulty opening or closing or water leaks, it is important to have it serviced by a professional.

As a specialist window repair company, we offer free call-outs and quotes when we repair or replace broken windows. If you would like to arrange an appointment with a Velux window repair specialist, call Local Window Care & Repair on 0141 447 0115.