Window Repair Services

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We offer local window repair services

Local Window Care and Repair is a family run business and have carried out work for thousands of private customers as well as private and Public Sector organisations.

Our vast experience in the double glazing industry will ensure that any repairs required will be done in an efficient, professional manner with no fuss.

We have previously worked with many private customers in providing window repairs, but also local councils, housing associations and Unite halls of residence.

As a testament to our health and safety practices, we are members of Construction Line and the UK Register of Prequalified Construction Service.

Regardless of the type of window ,door, patio door, conservatory or garage door Local Window Care and Repair will save you considerable expense by servicing or repairing your existing Double glazing and avoiding the need for new windows or doors.

In the event that your double glazing is beyond repair we will advise you so. As we pride ourselves in being an honest company who value our integrity.



And we will not require payment until you are fully satisfied with the work carried out.


Our experience in repairing windows means we know the most commonly arise issues. We treat each customer and client on their own merits, but with double glazed windows, some problems are more common than others.

Please feel free to look through our list of common repairs, and if you recognise your issue, please get in touch. Equally, if you don’t see the problem you have, let us know, and we will do our best to provide you with a fast and reliable solution. With a number of complicated and varied mechanisms associated with windows and doors, it is best to leave this work to the specialists.

We provide independent advice, a free quote and a promise to help you save money.


  • Windows realigned in to correct position allowing window to open and close with ease
  • New drive gear
  • New corner drive
  • Replacement handles
  • Replacement seals
  • Double glazed units replaced
  • Handles upgraded
  • New silicone seals


  • New friction stay hinges
  • New handles
  • Replacement espagnulette locks
  • Replacement misted units
  • New seals


  • New hinges
  • New glides
  • New handles
  • New seals
  • New silicone seals
  • Double glazed units replaced


  • New spiral balances
  • New seals
  • New handles
  • Adjustment of existing balances


  • New door bolts
  • New hinges
  • Replacement door panels
  • Dropped doors adjusted
  • Double glazed units replaced


  • New wheels fitted
  • New tracking
  • Replacement double glazed units fitted
  • New handles
  • New gearing


  • Leaks eradicated
  • Roof panels sealed or replaced
  • Double glazed units replaced
  • Roofs cleaned


  • broken or tangled cables
  • door openers
  • broken springs/ spring hooks
  • wheels and rollers

All this and very much more



At Local Window Care and Repair, we have a team of specialist engineers working all year round for you. If you need repair and maintenance work at your house, home or business premises, we offer a first class service.

Clients love our professional service and high standard of repair work. If you require specialist engineers, we are happy to help.

Double glazing repair specialists

We know most customers are aware double glazed windows feature complicated and varied mechanisms. Even if you are confident in home improvements, the complexities involved with double glazed windows mean you should leave this work to the experts.

We are pleased to say we have resolved a considerable number of double glazing windows across central Scotland. If the problem is unfixable, we can advise you on replacement windows, but this is the last resort for Local Window Care and Repair.

Double glazed windows help you manage energy bills

We know many people are concerned about the rising cost of energy bills. Are you aware double glazed windows can lower your monthly energy bills? In the long-term, the cost of double glazing can help you enjoy a warm and comfortable home for less money. Also, investing in double glazing adds value to your home.

If you want to make your home more attractive to buyers, and generate a larger sales price, we can help. If you require specialist engineers for your double glazing issues, we can help.

Get a no obligation quote and first class service

We aim to repair double glazed windows instead of informing you that you must improve them.

Reliable repair work saves you money without compromising the quality of heat, warmth and insulation at your home. We have a strong track record in improving double glazed windows, and we look forward to helping you.

Please give us a call on the numbers on this page, or fill out the email form on our Contact Us page, and we will arrange an appointment time.

We offer a free quote for all our double glazed windows work with no obligation.

We repair windows and doors

You are aware double glazed windows, and windows in general, make up a large part of our work, but we provide many services. Within our local window care services, we are specialists in UPVC windows, single and even triple glazed windows, and advising if you need new windows.

We also offer a range of services related to doors

We have a good track record in repairing French doors across central Scotland, and we have improved many composite doors.

There are many advantages and disadvantages to composite doors, and they are often compared to UPVC doors. There is peace of mind associated with composite doors, but this doesn’t mean they require no maintenance.

If you are worried about your composite doors looking far from their best, we are more than happy to offer a no-obligation quote to look at them. Our skilled team can diagnose issues, and more importantly, we fix windows and doors.

Conservatory maintenance and repairs improve your house

It is easy to see why people love conservatories when it comes to the highest standard of home improvements. If you create extra space at home, a conservatory is excellent.

Our work here is an example of our specialism in windows and doors, and as usual, we offer a free and no-obligation quote to review your conservatory.

We love conservatories and they enhance homes

If you suffer a leak through your conservatory windows, homeowners can lose the joy you receive from this space. It can also damage your property in value, appearance and condition. Your conservatory is too essential to let problems arise, and we are more than happy to review your windows and seals.

Modern conservatories can be repaired in style

If you need a new window or windows, we will advise this, but generally, we can repair windows in your conservatory. We can repair any panel, and we will review installation work ensuring it is of the highest quality.

It doesn’t matter when your conservatory was installed; our efficient services ensure your windows, doors and frames are repaired.

Conservatories require specialist engineers for repairs, and we are the company you can trust. Conservatories are ideal in Scotland, often making your house a home. When it comes to efficient window, door, locks, handles, frames and panel repair work for conservatories, we deliver a reliable service each and every time.